Ragers on a road ride

How to get on board

We use Yahoo! Groups to manage our e-mail lists. Rage on Portland is also on Facebook, but you should plan on joining both to get the ride posts. Some ragers only post on FB or vice-versa depending on their level of disdain for FB.

There are two ways to sign up for any of the lists:

    1. Sign up using a Yahoo! ID

    You have to use this option if you want to access ANY of the Yahoo! Group features, such as maps, etc. This REQUIRES that you sign up for a Yahoo! ID, if you don't already have one. If you have a problem with signing up with another internet service, go to the next option.

    2. Subscribe via e-mail

    This will allow you to subscribe to the e-mail list without having to sign up with Yahoo! This is the simplest method to use. You can use these links to subscribe to one of the Rage lists. See below for more detailed instructions of what to expect after you join one of the lists.

About Your Options

You currently have three options to sign up for any of the Rage lists. I recommend that you try the first, if that is too much then try the next and so on. Option 3 is also useful for when you go away on an epic biking vacation.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only use options 2 and 3 (listed below) if you sign up using a Yahoo! ID.

1. Subscribe to a list with Individual E-mails.

This will give you the chance to get to know everyone in the club and take part in things like the planning of rides and technical bike talk (plus the usual insults and teasing). Select the Individual E-mails when signing up.

2. Get a list in Digest form.

If you find that all the exuberant posts are a little too much, you can get each day's posts in an easy-to-read Digest. This is one message sent every day which will contain all the posts for that day. You can still reply and suggest rides, and you should get a plethora of replies in your next digest.

Note: When you reply to a digest make sure you do not include the whole digest in your reply!

3. When you go away on vacation or you want to pick and choose which posts you read.

Set your mail mode to No E-mail. You will still be able to access the Yahoo! Groups home page and read the posts there. If you don't want to miss anything then you could change over to digests.


To subscribe/unsubscribe or change your mail options, use one of the links above. Do not be one of those idiots who sends an email out to the group yelling "Unsubscribe me now or I'm going to throw a fit!" You will be ridiculed and your request will be ignored.

If you subscribe via e-mail, a confirmation email will be sent to you - follow the instructions in that email (I think you just reply to the mail) and you should get subscribed or unsubscribed as you wish!

*** - mainiacs@yahoogroups.com for Portland subscribers

From now on whenever anyone sends an email to your respective group address* you will get a copy. That is how announcements of rides get around. Whenever you feel like riding send an email to your group and everyone in the group will get the message. People who can go will respond to your message.

Now that you are registered with Rage, don't expect a welcoming party in your honor after you sign up. We like new people to ride with us, but we do not go out of our way to contact them. It is really up to YOU to join our rides. It might be a little confusing the first time, but if you keep sending out emails to Rage list other members will help you get started. Don't be Shy!

Mailing List Rules

Rather than start off with a list of what you should not do - here's what you should be talking about on this list.

  • Rides you plan to go on and invite other people on (make the location, meeting place, time and type of ride very clear).
  • Equipment, Store, riding place reviews - what you like about it
  • Very funny original banter (don't forward crap to the list) but if you are funny - and your post is related to something - make us all smile.

Please remember many others will read your messages. Please try not to offend too many people. Unless it's REALLY funny.

If you reply to a message it would be nice if you did not quote the entire message you are replying to. If you want to make a comment about certain parts of a message, only quote those parts and your reply.

Do not forward any email to this list unless it is mountain bike related - we do not want to discuss the legalities of riding someone (save that for private email) we don't care to read about cancer, viruses, long distance phone rates, some kid who sleeps with sheep or anything else on the rage list - that does not mean we don't care about some of those things (especially the sheep) - this list is not the place for it.