Riding the bridge in Stroudwater


What's this rage thing?

It's a very loosely organized club that exists to bring Portland Maine area mountain bikers together to ride and socialize. Started in 1999, the group began as a spin off from the original Rage on Boston group and has grown over the years to actually become a larger club than the original ever was. Mountain biking is alive and thriving in Portland, Maine!

Are you angry?

Quite the opposite. Rage is about making the most of life as Dylan Thomas so elequently stated when he wrote, "Rage...RAGE against the dying of the light!" or something like that.

What happened to Rage on Boston?

Rage on Boston faded out and finally shut down on 2/10/2015, but remnants still exist on Facebook. It was a great run for them and provided the seeds of our group here in Portland.

How do I join?

Fill out the email form and then start tagging along or organizing rides. Join us on Facebook too.

Am I worthy?

Do you own a mountain bike? OK then. Don't worry about riding ability as there will always be a wide variety of skill levels in the group.

Where do you ride?

The trail network around Portland is quite impressive and has expanded immensely over the years, so there are loads of choices. If you really want to learn the trails, you've got to join the group and show up for the rides.

When are the rides?

The regular mountain bike rides are on Tuesday night and the location varies from week to week. The usual meeting time is 5:30. Subscribe to the email list to receive notices. Due to the size of the group now, rides are posted almost every day during the season.